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About us

La dolce vita in Borgo Castello Panicaglia

The wide and open landscape, the beautiful medieval cities, the authentic people, the wonderful food, the delicious wines and the amazing olive oil. We love Italy and la dolce vita. We even got married in Italy. The literal translation for La dolce vita is ‘the sweet life’, but more figuratively, it stands for ‘the good life’. Part of that is being together with family and friends, enjoying life to the fullest and dining and living heartily. We want our guests to experience this feeling at Borgo Castello Panicaglia and make their stay an unforgettable Italian experience.

Relaxation & ambiance

We are the proud owners of Borgo Castello Panicaglia. It’s an incredible place to stay: a beautiful estate that we have fitted with a warm and attractive interior. There is also a lovely garden, with beautiful wide views and many lounge spots. Everything that makes us happy when we go on holiday, we have provided for our guests.

During our travels in Italy, we have seen a lot of beautiful estates, and slept in many pretty resorts and agriturismi. We noticed that a lot of these locations are beautiful from the outside, but relatively simple on the inside. Italian life is all about outdoor spaces, but after a lovely day you also want to relax ‘at home’. That means a hotel room with warm, ambient lighting, a comfortable place to sit, a nice rug on the floor, and a beautiful bed with a comfortable mattress. This may sound logical, but is almost impossible to find – or is simply unaffordable.

Relaxing for parents, fun & safe for children

What is also impossible to find, we have learnt through our own experiences, is a place where (young) parents can relax and enjoy themselves but that is also fun, nice and safe for children. A place where the cook can already make a dish for the children on request at 6 p.m. Where there is good service, such as free wooden baby beds. And when you do find a place that offers these services, it often lacks in ambience. Borgo Castello Panicaglia combines ambience, relaxation, ease, and fun.

We hope to see you soon at Borgo Castello Panicaglia. Do you have any questions or requests? Feel free to contact us.

– Albert, Inger, and Robin –