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Special events in Umbria

The complete Italian experience

If you want the complete Italian experience in Umbria, you have to visit a sagra (village feast) or a some other major event. Sagras are popular with the locals and focus on cooking and eating together. Villagers cook and serve the food themselves and each sagra focusses on a different local product. Posters by the road or the local tourist information office can tell you where and when the next sagra is. The region also boasts a lot of big (sometimes world-famous) events, such as Umbria Jazz in Perugia or the dei Due Mondi festival in Spoleto.

Overview of all big events

Mostra mercato del Tartufo Nero pregiato di Norcia e dei Prodotti Tipici della Valnerina. Ode to the black gold, the truffle from the forests near Norcia. But also the sausage made from the wild boars and lentils from the plains. There are stalls, tasting sessions and presentations.

Celebrazioni Benedettine. Feast on March 21th, in honour of Saint Benedict, patron saint of Norcia. There is a procession through the city, followed by an archery competition.

Coloriamo I Cieli is a big kite spectacle that is held at the end of April in Castiglione del Lago. A must-see if you have children.

Calendimaggio Assisi. On the first Thursday through Saturday in May, spring is celebrated in medieval outfits. There is medieval music, dancing, and competitions.

Palio Della Belasta.Archers in period costumes fire crossbows at targets. This competition is held in Gubbio on the last Sunday in May.

Corse dei Ceri (15th May) is a race through the city of Gubbio with big symbolic candles and a number of spectacular ceremonies. It’s a sight to behold and there is an amazing atmosphere in town. Don’t be late, because it will also be very busy and hectic.

Infiorata di Spello is a flower festival. The streets are packed with floral artwork in honour of Corpus Christi, the second Thursday after Pentecost.

Gubbio Summer Festiva. Classical music and international master classes against the backdrop of one of the most characteristic cities of Umbria.

Umbria Jazz Perugia is one of the most important jazz festivals in the world and is known as the best music festival in Italy

Il Festival dei due Mondi Spoleto.. This festival of two worlds (Europe and the United States) offers music, dance and opera performed by international artists.

Palio dei Quartieri Nocera Umbra. This events takes place close near the Borgo. There is a race, there are parades and theatre performances set
around a special theme.

Eurochocolate Perugia. Perugia is the place to be for chocolate lovers starting the third week in October. The city transforms into a chocolate paradise with the most spectacular creations.

L’Oro die Spello. Sagra of olive oil (the speciality of Spello) and bruschetta. A three-day event at the end of the month.

Presepe vivente Assisi. Assisi is always worth a visit, but in December you can also admire a living nativity scene.