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A unique history

A 13th-century castle with a papal history

Borgo Castello Panicaglia has a special and unique history. A Borgo is a medieval village,complete with church, that was started around a castle. In our case, the castle dates back to the 13th century.

Cavalieri dello Stato Pontificio

Castello Panicaglia is strategically located on a hill, overlooking the valley, the Via Flaminia, and the road to Assisi. For centuries, the castle was owned by the Mancini family. When Pope Pius IX and his retinue had to flee Rome, the Mancinis offered one of his cardinals shelter within the safe walls of the castle. The Mancini family also helped him escape when his hiding place was discovered by a spy. This led to the arrest of all the male Mancinis by the republican Garibaldi. They were imprisoned in the castle of Spoleto to be executed.

The women of the family went to Anita Garibaldi to ask for mercy for the condemned. Moved by their story, the men were freed. The pope granted the Mancinis the title of ‘Cavalieri dello Stato Pontificio’ to express his gratitude for the risks they took. They added this title to their family crest, which can still be seen on the facade of the south-west wing.

Restored to its former glory

Besides the new title, something extraordinary was recorded in a papal bull: for the duration of three generations, all Mancini sons that joined the church would be allowed to call themselves cardinal. The last of them was Giovanni Battista Mancini, father of Daniele Mancini, a wellknown architect from the area. After his death in 2002, his wife Sabrina Guerra M ENG restored the Borgo to its former glory, after the 1997 earthquake destroyed most of the property. The oven, which was torn down and completely rebuilt, once provided bread for local inhabitants and the farmers working for the Mancini family.