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The honest local cuisine

Passed on from generation to generation

The Umbrian cuisine is a good and honest one. The many tasteful dishes and cooking techniques have barely changed throughout the centuries and are passed down from generation to generation. Because the people here live off the land, this regional cuisine is very much bound to the seasons. You can always enjoy delicious fresh vegetables, heathy soups, and grilled meat.

A lot of products have a rich history

Pheasant, wild boar, pulses and honey were already loved by the Etruscans. But even more essential are the high quality Umbrian olive oils and black truffles. This winter truffle is a true delicacy and at is best in January. It is used in sauces, risotto, fresh pasta, olive oil, freshly sliced over fish and steak or in chocolate truffles.

Amazing local salami, sausages, and ham can also be found in Umbria. Perugia has been known since the beginning of the previous century for the ‘Baci Perugina’, a chocolate bonbon. The wrapper contains a note with quotation about love from Aristotle, Oscar Wilde or William Shakespeare.