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Medieval villages & cities

Relive the Middle Ages

The medieval cities and villages with their monumental monasteries and churches bring the rich cultural history of Umbria to life. There are a number of cities in the area that you simply must visit during your stay in Borgo Castello Panicaglia.

Assisi & Orvieto

Assisi is one of the most visited spots in Umbria, and only a 35 km drive from Borgo Castello Panicaglia. It is the birth place of the 13th century Saint, Francis of Assisi and therefore a known pilgrimage destination. The town is very picturesque, with its many narrow streets and various churches in honour of Saint Francis. Because it is built on a hill, it also offers a stunning view.

Orvieto has an exceptional location on a large butte of volcanic tuff and is one of the most beautiful cities of Umbria. The historic city centre is extremely charming and beautiful. The old city, with its magnificent Duomo, has barely changed in the last 500 years. Orvieto also has many caves that were used for housing and are worth a visit, plus several smaller museums and a gorgeous pozzo (water well).

Spoleto, Perugia & Norcia

Spoleto is a beautiful and atmospheric city, located by the Monteluco, packed with interesting monuments and picturesque streets. The absolute eye catcher is the Ponte delle Torri, a 230 meter long and 80 metres high aqueduct.

Perugia is the capital of Umbria, a contemporary city with a mini-subway and underground escalators. There are beautiful historic buildings, but also attractive streets, a variety of bars and small traditional shops. Because it has an international university, Perugia is a lively student city.

Norcia is a friendly, pearly white city that is completely enclosed by city walls. It breathes tranquillity. Norcia is also the most culinary city of Umbria when it comes to local products with century-old traditions, such as truffles, mozzarella, lentils and boar.