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Versatile nature

Italy's green heart

Umbria is often called the green hearth of Italy. A fitting name if you look at the hills covered in green forests and the plains that are packed with wineries and olive trees. But there is more to Umbria than just the colour green.

Umbria offers a magnificent display of colour

Fields filled with yellow blossoming lentil plants, red poppy fields, blue lakes, rivers and mountain streams. And don’t forget the beautiful red, orange and brown colours of the trees that come with the autumn. Umbria has no less than eight national parks and even though it’s not by the sea, it has a lot of water. One example is Lake Trasimeno, the largest lake in central Italy, the Tiber river and off course the largest water falls in Italy, Cascate delle Marmore. This overwhelming natural beauty and the favourable weather conditions make the region extremely suitable for outdoor activities. Besides walking and cycling, there are also opportunities to go rafting, wind surfing, horseback riding, and hang gliding.