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Food Rhythm in Umbria

The energies flow again

October 3 – October 8 2023

Starting from €1.725, up to €1.975, – p.p. based on 1 person per room
Starting from €1.325, – up to €1.725, – p.p. based on 2 persons per room

The Tibetan elemental practice acknowledges the three energies inherent in the body, like no other one in the Asian teaching.  According to the Tibetan medicine, one should recognize their personal energetic constitution type, to find the right food for you. Doing so, by balancing the three energies and consuming the energetically appropriate for you. In this FOOD.RHYTHM retreat, you will learn about the FIT.SUBSTANCES contained in your food intake. Aiming to create an all-encompassing balance for body, mind, and spirit. The unique body practices by Lu Jong combined with elementary yoga exercises for your digestion as well as breathing, will help to unfold new health and body awareness.

All this is organized at Borgo Castello Panicaglia, a unique place in beautiful Umbria with centuries of food-medicine tradition. The Borgo offers the opportunity to learn the Tibetan way of health and experience AntiAging from the inside out in the “green lungs” of Italy.

This retreat is organized and guided by the best-selling authors and nutrition experts of Tibetan Medicine Andrea, Sonja and Florian. They bring, in a pleasant atmosphere, their decades of knowledge and experience in practice and research of Tibetan Medicine, Ayurveda and Western-style nutritional teachings, to a unique weekly program.

This course is taught in English.

Our Tibetan FOOD.RHYTHM program consists of:

  • Five nights accommodation
  • Full board
  • Introduction to Tibetan medicine
  • Tibetan monastic exercises
  • Determination of Tibetan constitutional type
  • Yoga to activate the digestive fire
  • “Yin Yoga” – for good metabolism”
  • Short workshops on Tibetan nutrition.


  • Guided truffle hunt – 5 reasons why you should eat truffles!
  • Guided singing bowl meditation

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Food Rhythm | 6-day workshop

  • Five nights
  • Full board
  • Food Rhythm-Programme
  • Yoga
  • Truffle hunt

1325 euro

starting price, p.p.