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Visiting Umbria with children

Umbria is very child-friendly.

In every village you can find a nice park with a playground. There are also several larger sights and theme parks to visit.

Fun for both young and old

Activo park (53km – 45 min by car)
Activo parks caters to older children and adults. There is a variety of activities here, from wall climbing to rafting, to tubing to canopying. Canopying is an adventurous journey through nature by steel cables. The Canopy Tour is suitable for children and adults and varies from slinging by steel cables to walking through forests and over bridges. There are also several picnic spots throughout the park.

Città della Domenica (58 km – 45 min by car)
Nearby the beautiful city of Perugia lies Città della Domenica. A nice fun old-fashioned theme park for kids. Filled with fairy tales, a native American village, high slides and a reptile exhibit. There is also a train ride and boats you can use. It is particularly suited for small children and can be easily combined with visiting Perugia.

Horseback riding and acrobatics (73km – 60 min by car)
In Colle Umberto, not far from Perugia, is a very animal-friendly riding school that organises amazing horseback tours through the hills. You can also take part in an acrobatic course on horseback. It’s awesome to see for the daredevils among us.

Marmore waterfalls (83 km, 70 min by car)
Only just over an hour by car are the Marmore Waterfalls. These waterfalls (the highest in Europe) were constructed by the Romans. The water plummets from a height of 165 meters into the Nera valley. Beautiful and safe walking paths take you by the waterfalls. We recommended checking the opening hours beforehand. Nearby, in the Nera valley you can find many different water sport activities.

La Scarzuola (100 km – 90 min drive)
In the hills of Umbria lies La Scarzuola. This special place feels almost magical for children. After this abbey fell into decay, the architect Tomaso Buzzi bought it all and renovated it in a fantastical way. He built a city-theatre: amazing nature, ponds, stairs, theatres and fairy-tale-like buildings. It is really worth a visit and the children will love it.